A supplier of hemp-derived, cannabidiol (CBD) enriched goods.

Plant Plus Body is on a mission to bring you cannabinoid products of the highest quality while providing individualized care in a comfortable and education environment. 


Cannabis is one of the least understood aspects of relief, and we see that as an opportunity. Establishing equal grounds for cannabis products amongst the ever-growing beauty, wellness, and edible markets is challenging. We rise to that challenge by offering an extensive variety, information, and the utmost transparency.


Each item in store is carefully evaluated for quality ingredients and effectiveness. At Plant Plus Body, standards come first. Your health and well-being matter most. We want to guide you to the desired product that fits your specific needs as an individual. 


With your support, we strive to abolish the stigma surrounding this wonderful plant and make cannabis-derived products available to everyone. Whether you are a seasoned consumer or new to the scene, we’re excited to simplify cannabinoids through education and community.


Where plant meets body.


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